Saturday, June 20, 2009

*A special dedication*

Happy Father's Day...

You taught us the first kalimah, through the azan/iqamah at our ears..the 1st words of wisdom being in this world..

You taught us the first lesson..the faith within our hearts..

You taught us the meaning of which is full of challenges..IMAN as guidance to be safe..

You taught us the meaning of love..the love you've given without limitation..

You taught us to be wise and sensible..

You taught us to be a better person..prolonged advice even sometimes we do ignore..

You taught us to be good to everyone..because you said we would not lose anything of ignoring our ego..

You taught us to not to hate others, to forgive and forget..

You taught us that life is never going to be would be easy if patience is the hold..

You taught us to always be redha..redha with all the trials that Allah gives..and always to belief the wisdom behind it..

Your the Supporter..
"Abah tak kisah anak-anak abah nak jadi apa..yang penting semua sekolah agama "

Your the Provider..
"Ambik duit ni buat belanja `gula-gula'..hehe..(abah suka ckp macam ni)

Your the Sustainer..
"Belilah buku tu..nanti abah byr balik ok"

Your the Sacrificer..
"Nanti abah datang lawat kt asrama hujung minggu ok"

Your the Strength..
"Biasalah hidup..ada up and downs...doa jer banyak2 ok..?"

Your the Lover..
"Thank you kakak..Love u too"

Your the Leader..
"Okeh..semua siap cepat..semayang sama2'"

Your the Teacher..
"Concept Usul fiqh ini macam ini..biar abah bagi analogy"

the utmost important your our beloved FATHER..

* Selamat Hari Bapa kepada bapa-bapa seluruh Dunia*

#Abah..tunggu kakak balik ok..#

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