Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The answer for the outcome~


At last~Alhamdulillah..all my result are out..We have been waiting for more than 1 week for our evidence result..

Praise to Allah that i'm happy with my result for this subject~Thank You Allah~ :)

But then I'm quite frustrated with some of my results for certain subjects..But then i'm grateful that i passed all the subject..

But then pass for me is never enough because i'm use to aim very high & expect very high grades..But then i realize that passing subjects without excellence make me learn to accept not to be excellent at all times..

Sometimes we just have to feel the ups and downs of study life because that's where we learn and appreciate that knowledge is more to the application and practical site,being able to give people more..

a quote from a very distinguish person: there's no meaning if you just do your research for you to get your masters or PhD without giving benefit to others and especially the UMMAH

Even you have so much in yourself..Keeping it to yourself would not mean anything and plus no development is there..

From the post-mortem that i did..

I realize one thing~i scored for the subjects that i love and i like..hehe~ what's that suppose to imply..LOVE YOUR SUBJECT to do well..hehe..and love your lecturer too :) even they drive you crazy to do the task & assignments..haha..:D (there will always be a reason to this..)

BARAKAH is very important yer my dears..:)

[Pesanan rasmi ummi: ummi cakap belajar rajin-rajin, jgn banyak main and merepek..hehe]


(one more semester for LLB..ease for me Ya Allah)



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anakmak said...

yezza...hehe..takpe..exam bukak ruang time last performance kita yang jawab untuk diri kita..PR kita..hardwork kita..cara kita convince dan itu semua ada pada ufah :)