Sunday, April 18, 2010

The difference that complete us : A true love story..

Both of us are different but we have similarity in some aspects..

I still remembered a very-very funny story how i met this wonderful young lady who i shared the joy and tears during my 4 years of studies - we were together as roommates and best friend..

While waiting for my SPM results, i went to an open day organised by the Matriculation Centre together with my dad..I then met this one lady who knew my dad and had a short chit-chat..she told me that her child will also be entering matric centre to pursue in law..It just cam across my mind that if this lady had a son..her son must be a very good looking guy..:D I never thought that it was actually a daughter..he.. the end.. i got to know that the lady's daugther is taking the same course with me..Not a son..haha..I still remembered that we met at ZC cafe..I think at them time they were having dinner..Being me who is so over-friendly said hai to them and that's where the story begins..

(I told her this story when we were in 3rd year and she was like laughing non-stop..kihkih)

Day by day then we got closer..And people around us was starting to wonder how we get along so well the fact that we're kind of different..

The common basis and ground was that i was from a very well-known religious full boarding school in Klang while she was from a very well-known all girls school in the heart of Kuala Lumpur...(But until now i really don't think this as being a big deal)

We just complete each other..

She is such an organised person whilst i'm a lesser degree than that..haha..:D She reminds me of important dates that sometimes i due forget despite people knowing me as being the alert type..

She don't express her heart so much compared to me who is over-extra expressive..Hehe...

She is so nice that i sometimes scold her not being to nice because i know that people are taking advantage of her..

She will buy a handbag or anything to do with women stuff when we go out together..I influence her a lot in developing her feminism style..haha..

She is the one who like for many times sent my result slip to my scholar so that i get my money the time i get back to uni..

She settled all my leave when my late father was in ICU...Going from one lecturer to another lecturer..(I took 7 subject that you can imagine the trouble that she had to

She has tones and gelens of friends..If you go to the pasar malam with her..every will see people saying hai to her..(seriously even it sounds a little bit hiperbolic..hehe) and we had to stop every time she stops...hehe..

People call us twins..Because we are always together..

But due to our different stream..we were apart in some classes but we still had lunch & dinner together...

But then due to our different commitment in life..for the past two semesters..we were not seen together anymore..We rarely had lunch together(due to diff timetable) We rarely had dinner..Even we are roomates..sometimes i only get to see her in the morning (can you believe that!) When she has meeting & came back late..i'm already asleep..when i have meeting and came back late..she's already asleep..

That's why we get crazy in the morning (padahal org lain masih lagi lena diulit mimpi)

We had fun doing stuff together..Programs...Going camping...Being at the library..Going shopping..Going to Melaka..Eating..

When we don't meet each other for a very long time the result is-we would be talking like hours & hours after all our stories are done..haha...

People also call her google chrome you know..For like being a one-stop info centre..She knows every single thing which is so like amazing!And every time & then i will hear messsages coming in her handphone..(I think you should charge this people...You like replying peoples message like every second! he)

Her notes are the highest standard higher than dr badai..kihkih..Highly easily readable..(not like mine which are made for me alone..hehe)

The MOST INTERESTING PART..................we share the same IC number..isn't that cool..its like me and her are meant to meet and be together..hehe..

The above are only part of it..I just can't count her kindness and what she has done for me...I truly treasure her friendship for the rest of my life..

We had conflict and arguments (don't think that we don't..he) but then that is normal..and i like the part when we start to msj each other to put things right..(that's so cute kan..)

The most important part is that she makes me do good things and good deeds..Even she is not from a religious school but then her attitude and behaviour is like she had been in a religious school..Her heart is pure..(People thought that she was from SMKAMH..he)

Dear Nur Khairunnisa..sebaik-baik wanita..Sungguh namamu begitu indah bagi memenuhi impian dan niat ur parents utk menjadi sebaik-baik wanita


that name suits you so well my dear..It truly reflect yourself and who you are today...

Without will be leaving me after next semester..;( I just can't imagine my life without you..I will be missing you so much..

I know i never said this..but then I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..more than you can ever imagine..Thank you for being such a wonderful friend..understanding my unpredictable behavior and the instability of emotions of mine

Always being together with me in my very difficult point of life..

I pray to Allah the Almighty that HE will always protect you for me..Bless you throughout your life because your a person that deserve all the blessing for all the kindness and deeds that you have done...

Success selalu..Be the future successful lawyer and get the type of husband that you dream of..My prayers is always with you my dear..;) wink wink..

[footnote: kita wajib berbesan..:p]

lots of luv,



hanamaru said...

i have one too. and her name is maryam. =D she was the one who took care of me when i was too busy looking after everyone else.

i guess we are lucky. coz not everyone get to really understand the phrase "kawan yg berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing"

aufa khalilah said...

yes yes..betul2..hehe..owh..ia adalah rahmat kurniaan Allah tau..

Alhamdulillah for us hana!

gonna miss u..:)