Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Outcome : Sem 2 09/10 ? Let's wait & see..

Please don't panic IIUMians..kikih..the results are not out yet..
From the exam slip the results will be out on 20th of April 2010..
From the important dates the date is same as the above..
From rumours..:D the results will be out on the 19th..

Nway..I pray to the Almighty that my result will be ok~Not hoping to much but then i just don't feel anything..Frighthen or confident..its just empty..After what i've gone through, sudah tidak tahu perasaannya apa utk dirasai lagi (ayat apakah ini..?) not targeting for a high GPA (even thats totally a lie..haha) itu sampingan jer..main gain the knowledge for Allah's sake..'ilm fi shudur laisa fil kutub..;)

The first part of the semester was a disaster..I failed my test and had to go here n there to settle things..I had to rush for my test which was at 2 and i only arrive in IIUM at 1...My life was hectic...I never imagine that i had to go through all this..But then KESABARAN ITU INDAH..
I never regretted what I had gone through..It truly made me a very strong person..

And i will always believe that good deeds comes with great hearts being sincere as to anything that your are doing..HE will reward you in anything better that you can imagine..


To my family & friends & lecturers thank you for always being there for me..It means a lot to me..

Yours truly,


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