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Mr Pacat~ (Siri Pengembaraan Alam Sekitar)


My nama is Mr Pacat. My wife name is Mrs Pacat. My child name is Pacat Junior.We live happily and peacefully in the woods in the muddy2 place...We are comfortable living in area which there is water...Be careful with us because we can be at anywhere without realizing our movement..

(Sekian di atas adalah detik perkenalan penulis blog pada makhluk yg bernama PACAT..hehe.[intro agak dramtic yer di atas..hehe] sekitar penulis berumur 10 tahun )

People see me as the "ayu "type but then i really like adventurous activities..especially camping..
I've been camping for my whole life since i knew it exist and how exciting it could be..


(tent yg comel~terlalu cantik utk kene basah hujan)

My first outdoor activity was in Ulu Yam when i was in Standard 4 (SKDU)..Organized by Kelab Pecinta Alam (and now i wonder y i did not took environmental law as my elective..kihkih) Well it was fun, i really like the jungle trekking and especiallay the SUNGAI!!!! dan activity tali...that was the best..and i hate the BURUNG HANTU the middle of the night we were blind folded..and we were seperated and put in a particular location..and here comes whatever sound that only Allah knows how scary and suspen it was..we thought that we were put in the middle of nowhere in the jungle..but then it was just near the campsite..

the funniest part..

i could here the sound of kelentong and stuff from the kitchen making us supper..haha..sgtlah kantoi.. more scary merry for me anymore..hehe..and the part where our tents was soaking wet due to the flooded campsite of ours..haha..(mase ni tak belajar lagi cara-cara utk pilih campsite yg sesuai..sekian~)

When i was in Standard 5 or 6..there was another camping..but then..we did not have any tents but slept in the hostel's double-decker (for which i don't like)..this place was a research the facilities was sort of for a researcher..quite was near to orang asli's village..

But then..i enjoyed the really hutan type of the place..because the trek was a little bit challenging..(If pegi tempat yg standard 4 tuh mmg dah hafal trek die..boleh x..?)

and this is the place where there were like 5 pacats in one pair of my shoes..:D and there was this friend of mine who had nothing else interesting to do but made collections of the pacats(until now i'm still wondering y)
and again the SUNGAI was extremely lovely ;) masyaAllah..

Standard 6 or 5 ( seriously xbpe igt th details) hehe..this was unit beruniform's was the same place in standard like i said earlier..sudah hafal trek itu..hehe..

but then because i was PBSM..then..aderlah aktiviti-aktiviti kemanusiaan..hehe..sekian~


THEN I THOUGHT HUTAN nan Permai ITU akan terpisah with myself once i am in boarding school...but then no..alhamdulillah..i still can see the wonders and miracles that Allah has created..:)

When i entered SMKAMH...then i joined the curriculum activity went on as usual..(mase mula2 tuh mmg xappreciate langsungla KRS ni apa..hehe;) )

Suddenly...i did not know how my name turned up..i was asked to join the Perkhemahan KRS Peringkat Zon...(x igt whether it was f1 or f2)

errrkkk..speechless(mmg patut speechless pun time tuh sbb sore dah jadik rocker terulung..tekak sy sakit n tiada

and kedengaran sore2 dr guru penasihat.."ulfah ni leh ker gi camping ni...tahan ker.." (maka..i know that my face is so sweet n adorable to the extent i'm not eligible..hehe..:D)

but then i had to others are willing to go..hehe..

Pergi: Teriakan adalah biasa dari camp komanden..sekian~kalau tiada die maka tidak bergeraklah..hehe..

but was fun despite quite challenging because me from religious school had to adhere to some aspect which other students from other school don't...and mmg maser tuh mmg pk pk byk kali how to face..but then i met a very nice friend from face it together..

(p/s: this camping really taught me how to mingle with other students from other school who are sangat menakutkanlah senang;))


Then the next following year(xigt form bpe 2 or 3)

I was called to join the zon kontinjen to join Perkhemahan Peringkat Negeri Selangor...Wow! it was seriously exciting..peringkat negeri okeyh..
but then i had to skip classes for kawad training (di kala panas membahang di sekolah saujana impian yg cantik itu~)

BUT this was the utmost and the most superb and challenging camping that i had ever joined!!
Reason are as followings (put in form points..tired of typing already..he~):

1.Because the campsite was located at a tanah merah area..which there was no trees..and it was extremely hot.

2.Tangan sy dihempap batu ketika mengetuk kayu utk wat pagar campsite..sekian~

3.This was the camping which turned my nice white hands to black..hehe..

4. Jemaah prayers was compulsory for all and also qiamullail (but then being too tired..most of us slept during praying)

5. The compass activity had caused our teammates to be lost in the jungle.

7.We did the rescue part thing..but then this was the part when everything got very emotional when the person who was suppose to climb up the tree cried being to scared..sigh~ in the end..someone else had to climb up the tree (it was me..~)

8.We had to walked very-very far..i did not remember how many KM it was..but then it was far due to the jalan yg berpusing-pusing heading to empangan semenyih..the fact we had to carry our stuff and it was raining..

9.We arrived at was really-really & extremely cold because we were wet..That night kami tido berbumbungkan langit n bertanahkan kanvas nan sejuk itu..he..berhimpit2 dlm keadaan basah,kesejukan n xmndi(obviously)

10.At Empangan Semenyih..the water: air dari empangan..sekian..hatta nak minum pun from the empangan..the TOILET: toilet bowl yg dipacakkan ke dalam tanah yang ada lubang..dipisahkan sebelah menyebelah dgn kanvas (ek..?)

11.Tanah merah yg sangat melekit-lekit..tanah hitam is still ok..that is why our slippers got stuck...n in the END finds its ending of life eternally..hihik..

12.Kayak activity was tremendously fun..masyaAllah the lake was magnificant (semenyih jer pun..hihik) we did the floating and stuff.

13.we did abseiling and also rock climbing and also flying-fox (the must!)

14.Then we headed back to our campsite - on the way..we stopped for our prayers..and there was NO was the 1st experience using a bottle of mineral water for wudhu'...

15. and last but not least..KAWAD KAKI..hehe~lengkap berpakaian.:)

16.then went back to hostel~extremely exhausted and tired but full of satisfaction..

( I remembered this camping till was really challenging for me (at that point of time) but what i learnt was for a life-time :) )

Camping just went on when i was in form 4 and during campus (even it was only a skill subject to fulfiil the 0.5 kredit) but i enjoyed every single thing...:)


But then the motif of this entry is that we learn from many ways..not only from classes...this is also part of learning,enhancing a person's character and attitude and also seeing the miracle and wonders that Allah has created...It's not really as to the activities per se or having fun..but what we learn form it spiritually or physically or philosophically..hehe..:) not the form but then rather than the substance..


we learn how to survive and make us think that whatever Allah has created is made for a reason..and then there comes the principle of usul fiqh as to survive under necessity (which i don't want to explain further) thus we learn also form aspect of Islam..(darruriyyah al-khamsah) :)

Thus..that's all from MR's not about MR PACAT exploration but more as to whom MR PACAT has met..ME :)

Whatever we do,we do it with Allah's guidance and ways as mentioned in the Quran & Hadith

coretan dr hamba yg lemah.sekian~



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