Monday, May 3, 2010

The Impact


Praise be To Allah for all his blessings and ni'mah..I'm currently spending my precious time with my beloved family back home (where i really called home having so many nice people around us)..Even i do miss the chattering & pampering by HIM which i missed the most...As such..there is no better place to be than being close to your family..

As for last week,my followers has reached 34( even not even 50) but than i totally thank people out there who has been following my blog (which i really don't intend people to follow) and plus providing me with their moral supports for me to continue with my life..

I decide to blog in end of 2008. That time..So much thing happened in my life that i could not bear the sadness and painfulness of having to go through all of it..And i think blogging is one way of me expressing myself in a way that other people may get something (even i know some of my entries are kind of emotional and personal- but hey its my blog anyway).

I love art so much..That's why i love writing..I dream of one day that i can write something extraordinary about life..(even i'm not that extraordinary)..or maybe a novel perhaps..or being a journalist(i shall avoid jobs which will make me travel-even i love travelling!) i'm so into writing berbunga-bunga they called it in Malay..hehe...

I blog just for my own pleasure..but then i never thought that my writing does give an impact to me in a way (not all way)It's just a nice and wonderful feeling when people just leave comments or msj in the chatbox..even its just a simple hai...Just want to make it simple through stories of mine and not so heavy..leisure &

i've known people whom i never knew..i met my long lost friends..

those who has read some of my entries with tears: never intend it to make people cry...but those truly and deeply comes from my heart...

to a Mr from a country in Africa who CC the email to me sending his condolence..thank you so much for your email and plz pray for my beloved to be in Allah's blessing..



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