Monday, July 26, 2010

Short ,sweet & simple..:)

In the nama of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful
Assalamalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


1)I'm now in my final semester..It's hard to believe that i'll be graduating in 3 months time..I felt that it was just yesterday that my late abah sent me in PJ to do my foundations..Time flies very fast..

2)Day by day..I get confuse as to my future planning...Having too much option is also a problem..But well, life is about deciding..Allah will guide me along the way..InsyaAllah..Praying that the path that i choose to take is the best that Allah desires..

3) Taaruf week which was about 3 weeks ago was a new experience to me..Despite the shortcomings,difficulty and etc it all went well...But i think the part i will treasure is the bond of friendship and meeting new people..they were wonderful! ;)

4) Sometimes what we plan,does not go well...People say that fail to plan is plan to fail..But well sometime even you do doesn't seem to work..Kita merancang, Allah yang menentukan..So,jgnlah rasa down,pasti ada hikmah di akhirnya :) Doa banyak2 because DIA yg memberi...

5)I've been dealing with this one enterprise..This is the first time that I met a seller who does not believe in CUSTOMER is always right..I had lots of trouble dealing with them..The blame was to be put on me? Motif..?Padahal obviously it was their fault(Bersabar:Mode) But it's ok..It really taught me of being rational and patient! he..:)

6)I'm having a new interest..BEADINGS..owh no..plan to go to classes but then i managed to get ebook tutorial on how to start..Well..i like to sew but i'm not sure whether beading is for me..haha..;D (kalau jadi..nnti bukak bisnes..hehe..tak jadik nak jadik lawyer..:p)

7) I've attended Pre-Marriage's cheap here in i just took the chance..:)

(just manage to terbitkan)

for those who wanting to know my updatesla..)

with luv,


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