Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The phase of life..

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious & Most Merciful
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...
It's been a while that no entry was made since almost a month..There are various reasons for that..It's not that i've been so busy,but being "laptopless" (plz forgive me if this term never exist..he) and moving around here and there made me so tired of remembering my FB..hehe..(i do miss the wonderful people in FB) :)
But well..lots of things happened...
1)Technicality : Allah made it easy
At one point of time..i always thought that my life would be hard after "that technicality" its not a matter of "that technicality" as such but it is more to the sentimental attachment to it..seriously..(i can be so sentimental at times)..
that time..seriously i said to myself..just face it..(its like i don't know what to feel anymore) whatever happen..i will still be on my feet coz i know that Allah will always be with me..and I have my family who needs me..
I realize that when we thought life was hard..other people's life is harder..Maybe Allah wants me to be be patient..and to remind me what is the ultimate aim in life.
And no matter how much power n control of mankind..nothing can defeat the power and will of Allah swt..
2)Death : Cancer
My auntie passed-away due to cancer (Al-Fatihah) I had the chance to visit her...alhamdulillah (Aturan Allah jua yg mengizinkan) it was something unplanned but then i was happy n grateful to see her...
That really remind of my late father..being in the 'oncologist' ward..
and it was such a coincidence that i met my neighbour back in damansara who was undergoing her treatment..I was blessed that i met her again..Her face was so calm even i know that she was in pain..Bless her Allah..When i looked at her performing her prayer on the bed with wearing her heart whispered in silence (Owh kuatnya hati2 insan yang Kau duga ini Ya Allah)
I'm thankful to my friends around me for the support until now..entah bila i think i just can life without tears coming out from my eyes..(or specifically kelenjar air mata..he) but i think as a normal human being, i just can't avoid it..its the way for me to feel relief..just to let it out..(even after that i looked like i've not been sleeping for ages) ;)
I met my friends in SMKAMH during the wedding of beloved imah and her husband...even i was with them only until F3..our friendship remains as it is..I was happy to see them..they will always remember to invite me to their wedding even we don't constantly keep in touch..
Another unexpected plan-i went to KUIS..(after being informed that my brother's arrival was delayed).I've not been her for quite a while..Even it's not a place where i studied to get my diploma or degree but this place had taught me the meaning of ukhwah..the meaning of endless bond of friendship..and left such a wonderful n sentimental memory in my life..
I still remembered how we always go to the previous office in eat nasi ayam that we loved so much..that time i was still in primary school..
Thanks to Kak Dilla and MakCik Gee for accepting my 'shocking' visit..:) and meeting Khaira Ulfah was fun(i think she liked me a lot knowing that i had the same name with her) he;)
Selamat Pengantin baru kepada yang sudah berkahwin dan yang akan berkahwin...seriously..dah lost track siapa yang nak kawin ni..InsyaAllah ada kesempatan and fulusnya..sampailah sy ke mana location di peta itu..:)
dah kawin and xdpt datang:
Hafiz(Matpet) & Wife di Muar
Ameer & Wife
Kak Laili Zarina & Husband di Banting
Kak Aini Fairus & Husband
dah kawin n dapat datang:
Imah & Ijam di Sepang
yang nk kawin n nk datang:
Sajid & pasangan di JB (walaupun jauh..nk juge smpai)
Idris & pasangan di Sik,Kedah (nak dtg yg dekatnya leh x..? he)
with luv,
p/s: another phase of life awaits..:)

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