Thursday, August 12, 2010

The love...

In the name of Allah..The One who is always close to my heart..the One who showers rahmat upon me and the whole universe..

Alhamdulillah is the only word that i can think about as to this moment..

I'm still here...Continuing my journey..the unknown journey..for which i can never imagine as what my journey will lead me..but the only hope and prayer is that it will always be the journey that Allah desires for me..the best...

She- the beloved came back and well i was really happy having her around even the tiring days..travelling her here and there..but tired you are..i think being with your beloved is the most awaited see her getting all the food that she wants..haha (siryes kelakar)..

The truth is.. i like to be with any of my siblings(walaupun hanya satu yg akan ada menemani) itu sudah cukup..Even dgn kegarangan serta ketegasan dan sebagainya..know that i never meant to..


ya...Ahlan Ya Ramadhan..Alhamdulillah...Allah has given us the oppurtunity here again in this blessed month..i've tried but it seems that it can never and ever get out of my mind..the previous Ramadhan...i miss him...

Dear Ummi..i beg your forgiveness for everything...Pray for me and do know that i miss you everyday and pray for your happiness..That's all that matters..

And to others too...Apologize for everything..

Ramadhan Kareem..

with love,


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