Monday, March 8, 2010

Monolog Diri...

"Banyaknya assignment & drafting yang kene siapkan"

"Failed some of my test & low marks in my assignment"

"Hearing yang belum habis lagi"

"Rasa diri tidak cukup fokus"

"Rasa bersalah pada ummi atas sikapku yang malas begini"

"I really miss him..A lot"

"I feel that i'm not well"

"God..if its time just give me the chance to be with my loved ones who had endlessly loved me with all their heart that i couls cherish them and shower them with love & happiness"

"I'm blaming others for which i should blame myself"

" I'm sorry for my face reaction and the complaints..I just can't help it"

"He is such a gift"

" I miss home so much"

" I'm worried about my car"

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