Monday, August 17, 2009

A Brand New You

Jajarkan ke Tengah

Childhoods, personal backgrounds, financial situations, locations, surroundings and a more than twenty-year-old past consciously influence our individual evolutions that make us who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. They influence us in different degrees at different times. By simply being alive, every one of us is a constant target of all these forces and we choose to submit to or resist their influence. Sometimes we have long battles with the negativity they throw at us, sometimes we win, but many times we just give in.

We let ourselves be victims of circumstances and lose out on the opportunities of growth they bring. We cling on to a bad past and lose the chance of making a great future. We let ourselves be ruled by our surroundings and become another nameless face in an aimless crowd. We crave the money that causes the richest to kill themselves. We let our beauty and personal worth be defined by self-indulgent materialists and find faults in our breathtaking creation. We burn money into ashes of cigarettes that only char our lungs and suffocate our minds. We live trying to please a society that will not stop demanding from us till we surrender our mind, body and soul to it and lose our own selves.

You crave for a day when you can wake up feeling great and do something productive, you’ve always wanted to feel the peace of a beautiful Fajr prayer, you want to do the hijab whose benefits you’ve long admired, you want to end your addiction to smoking and breathe again, you want to lose weight and get your health back, you want to taste the sweetness of faith, you want to explore, learn and be enlightened, you want to aspire and contribute to your world, you want to forgive, let go and overcome, you want to love and be loved, you want to be alive and not merely awake.

Say hello to Ramadan.

Embrace this beautiful season of change and bid your old self goodbye. Ramadan gives us the chance to remove the shadows of our pasts, shed our old habits and discard our mindsets that have always limited us. By fasting and abstaining mentally, spiritually and physically from our desires and weaknesses, Ramadan brings out the goodness in us and shines it to the world. And every one of us has felt this wonderful change during Ramadan.

Choose to spend this Ramadan well. And in 30 days it will leave you with its most wonderful gift... a brand new you.

*Thank you dear Zaynab for the wonderful forwarded email*

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