Monday, April 13, 2009

rencana yang menanti...

Today i just finished my equity was it? hard to explain but alhamdulillah i was very calm thus it really helped me a lot in answering...I still have another paper to go..this wednesday...usul fiqh...^_^ i really like and love this subject..just a wonderful and beautiful knowledge...What i can say is that now its just the time for me to pray to HIM that my results will turn out to be ok..

Hurm..the last paper will be on Wednesday and after dates are filled with activities, datelines,practical,urusan kerajaan,weddings,program,returning to brunei and stuffs...

I think i'll be busy until August...hehe...but whatever it is..i'm looking forward with my days expand my learn challenge my ability..hehe..

16 April 2009 - Abah will be here :)

17 April 2009- Off to Malacca

18 April 2009 - Having fun in Malacca ^_^ with kak hajar n khairun

19 April 2009- Moving out to HAFSAH (brg aku yg sangat banyak)

20 April 2009-Practical starts

21 April 2009- Start to brainstorm on the program

24 April 2009-Start to find sponsors

25 April 2009-Paperwork

2 May 2009-renew road tax and pasport

5 May 2009 - submit working paper

11 May 2009-Start to invite VIPs ( go on continuing)

End of May = some weddings perhaps

30 May 2009 - adik kesayangan sy balik ^_^

6 June 2009 - abg zahir's wedding at Putrajaya

June 2009 - the work continues

27 June 2009 - Fly away to Brunei yeah! everything ends here...

So much to do..but so much to learn and to have fun..^_^ hope that the things that i'll do and the days that i'll face ahead will make me understand more about life and to face the real challenging world..May ALLAH always be with me in my journey..and always be in HIS blessings..

(Moga aku sentiasa istiqamah pd jalanMU)


mi.ji.da said...

ramai sangat9 kaiwn cuti shotsem ni ek.. huk3

aileen ramli said...

waitttttttttt! before balik brunei, kite jmpe dlu k?! :)
miss u lah!

aufa khalilah said...

hehe..bkn kenalan uia pn...:)my 2nd cousin n ader anak2 kwn ayah kene pergi wakil..hihik..dpt berkat jugak..

lina jumpa kt KL ek..time lunch ker..huhu..ader practical...misss uuu tooo!