Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Apakah pekerjaan mummy?

Pekerjaan ibu/Mother's occupation:...........................................

Sebutlah apa-apa borang time sekolah pun..He mesti ada bahagian kene isi apa pekerjaan ibu..

(house-husband anyone..?hihi..)

s for me..i had been filling SURIRUMAH/HOUSEWIFE in the space since i was in kindergarden until i entered university..

(child:"mummy..i'm free..anything else to do..?")

not like others yang isi GURU, DOCTOR,ENGINEER,ARCHITECT,ASST MANAGER, & etc or even a POLITICIAN.. but well at first i've always been thinking that it must be cool if my mum is working..and i was wondering why my mum decided not to work the fact she is a historian (having a Masters Degree in History) it is important to note that my late daddy did no ever restraining her to work but lebih2 lagi encourage but my mum yg refuse..he..

Tapi it turns out that she is a full time house-wife having a Masters Degree.. =) Perhaps ramai lagi wanita-wanita di luar sana seperti my mum..Like my mum's cousin who are architects but decided to be at home..Or engineer who are tired with site works decides to be 'tired' at home he..

But the outcome is this..We are who we are now..(Even not being somebody lagi pun but xper..otw..hehe) I'm proud that my mum is a full time house-wife..weee..love u ummi..

But I do adore women who can actually make portions of their life for their career & family especially doctors & lawyers..SERIOUSLY..
I have a close friend of mine who wants his wife to be house-wife..not him alone..i've heard some from other guys also..

but for me..HAHA..i'm the type that just can't stay still..:D People imagine me as the future successful lady lawyer that will be known to whole country( wah gituh..=P) but i imagine myself being someone having a simple career & having a wonderful & lovely own family..(heh..berangan gituh..AMEEN) =)

even if i do turn out to be a house-wife i'll move here & there making my life enjoyable & meaningful all the time (to my future husband-whoever u are = please bear with me..hehe..:D)

MOTIF ENTRY: Nothing much..finishing my studies in one year time (or maybe two) makes me think what shall i do in the future..the plan that i should do..who to be..where to work..but ya then..we will never know..

like i always say LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE..(it does depend on what type of guy that we will end-up with..heh..)

yg penting MUMMY will always be the best..

always in OUR hearts..

dear ummi...i love u so much :)

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hUr said...

salam. this is soo true. my mom used to be an architect. but she quit for her family's sake. besar pengorbanan tu. ntah macam mana la plak kita nanti ye.wlupon skang ni mcm2 perancangan career n masa depan. hanya allah je tahu. wallahu alam. just praying for the best. :)