Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Abah di ICU...

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang...
Ku Pohon dengan Segala Kerahmatan dan Keberkatan Ramadahan agar diri ini sentiasa tenang menempuh segalanya dan merahmati keadaan abah...
31 August 2009-Pada pagi itu,i wanted to go to Jalan buy some raya stuff despite it being still so early..but knowing me its always the case that new matters will turn delay is a big NO NO..I got the message that abah is to be brought to the hospital and will be warded because he vomitted and was weak..I was worried and canceled my plan and decided to be in my room and wait for new updates..
12.20pm-I texted ismah and told me she was waiting for the blood test..after hours later i went back to her and she informed me that the DR said abah was ok..but the brain CT Scan will have to be conducted on Thursday..
About 5pm-I called home and ask Nafis are they home..He told me that abah has been warded..and i was puzzled the fact that just now Ismah said the blood test did not indicate anything..i sent another msj asking her why abah has been warded..she did not answer why..
6.30pm-I went to Bazaar Ramadhan worrying so badly.. tgk makanan apa-apa pun tak berselera..but at the end i bought some food for which it was quite nice and tasty :)
7.30pm-Berbuka puasa..After i finished my meal (tak basuh tangan lagi)ismah called and ask me to call back..her voice sounds different..i know she was crying..I called back and in tears she said that abah dah tak sedarkan diri and ada pendarahan due to the tumour had spread to the lower part of the brain..The DR said the only option is to do a immediate operation..
I cried..
I havent been speaking to abah in the phone since a week ago because my celcom number had been barred..I had the chance to talk to him on Saturday..but he sounds weak and did not speak...We just met 2 weeks ago during abah's stay in MO attending CIMB Muzakarah..
I can't describe how i felt..but i already prepared myself for anything..Pak Uteh decided that i should return to that night i headed to Sg Buloh to get my stuff (my luggage to be precise)
10.45pm-Ummi msj and informed me that abah is already in the operation theatre..One hour will be taken for the bius procedure and the operation will take about 3 to 4 hours..
I did not sleep that night to wait for the recent updates..I just prayed and prayed and hope to Allah that the operation will go well and abah will be fine..Thank You to YOU for accompanying me until 4.45am when Ismah msj me that the operation went well..ALHAMDULILLAH..I had my sahur (maggi goreng + telur mata)and had some one hour sleep before Subuh..
1 September 2009- Despite only an hour sleep..I still went to the 8pm class even my emotions is unstable..I had to be strong..My studies are my priority..I know Abah will be happy if i do well in my studies..and i know he will be i put all the strength within me with all abah's inspiration..
That evening at about 6.20pm-departed from LCCT to Brunei with all the feelings of unpatience and hope to Allah..together with atuk and Pak Andak..
Thank you to Pak Uteh for the ticket..Ucu for the transportation..Pak Lang,Mak Ngah,Mak Uda and Mak Anjang for the call..
To my dear friends and relatives...Thank you so much for the doa and support and the non-stop msj..
Keep the doa for him..
To be continued.....

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