Friday, March 27, 2009

being no use of having intelligence if...

Fokus pd hari ini PANDAI N BIJAK, being very INTELLIGENT N SUPERBLY INTELLIGENT or any words that you may describe...

are u born to be intelligent or born being intelligent? Opinions may differ subject to one's perspective..

People who are intelligent indeed are highly respected by the society and having a good reputation. You are considered intelligent, brilliant, pandai, bijak or other terms that u may want to use when you:

1)achieve high CGPA 3.5-4.0(dpt DL-every sem)

2) got straights A's in their UPSR,PMR,SPM,A-Level or any other exams..

3) succeeds in pursuing a degree in master and PHD...

4) are a debater...

5) if ur studying sciences...

OR whatever u may interpret of somebody as being intelligent..

But it is so PERTINENT stating here that being smart,intelligent,brilliant,pandai or whatsoever is not is not valuable & meaningless if is not accompanied side by side with other characterstics, attitude or behaviour...

Toing! kenapa? kkdg ader sstgh org merasakan diri dier sgt2la pndai..hebat or whatsoever u wanna call it..its goes without saying..ya of course...people will respect him/her..n everybody will like that personla..obviously..

My intention is nothing else but emphasizing how a person who is awarded, gifted by Allah by being so intelligent and great..should be grateful and at the same time respect others and don't act in a way that actually does not reflect the intelligence that thay have..(bukak envelope peers assestment org,per kes? just to know how much u got, but the fact u did not do anything!) maaf..emos jap..

Conclusion, this is a reminder to myself and to others..dlm menjadi Muslim yg sejati...dlm menjadi insan berperibadi, dlm mencari ilmu yg hakiki,dlm mengejar cita-cita murni..sebanyk mana pun ilmu yg kita ada..tidak smpai satu titis jejari pn di lautan...dibandingkan dgn ilmu Allah yg lebih luas..sgt...sentiasa rendah hati...

thus, being intelligent and brilliant is wide in scope
not only that u can score a subejct
not only that ur pointer is high
not only that ur a university student
not only that ur studying oversea
not only that ur studying science & technology


how intelligent and brilliant enough are to face the challenges in life
how u deal with people
how u control ur stress n emotions
how do you reflect urself as being intelligent in attitude and behaviour

it comes with a package being the wholly u,urself..

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